born survivor – we did it!

Our brave StratPants team of six completed the 6k mud-fuelled assault course on Saturday 22nd April. 

Everyone arrived at the course in time to complete the registration process, receive their ‘Born Survivor’ bandanna’s and with fake tattoos on their arms and faces they approached the starting cage where they completed a 15-minute commando drill that included health & safety advice and the essential warm-up exercises. At exactly 11.40am they were off their starting blocks to tackle the first obstacle of the course ‘Heartbreak Hill’.

The whole course was tough, extremely challenging, wet and very very muddy, but our brave warriors worked together as a team to negotiate all 22 obstacles to complete the course successfully to earn their ‘Born Survivor medals and t-shirts.

Everyone returned to work on Monday morning, bruised, sore and aching but still buzzing from the event, some have even signed up for the next Born Survivor that is scheduled to take place in Lancashire in September, this time for the 10k course.

So, StratPants ‘Born Survivor’ 2.0 has been established… watch this space for more information.

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