chapter 2

My chemotherapy ended on 9th March and surgery was then scheduled for the early April, and whilst I wasn’t looking forward to it, I certainly wasn’t worried about it.

All the way through this journey, I have trusted the process, trusted that the Consultants and Oncologists knew what they were doing and went with it.

Surgery was just another means to an end to me. It needed to be done and just like the chemo, I just needed to get on with it.

My surgery date soon came and whilst I was nervous, I had no doubts that it was absolutely the right thing to do. I was first down to theatre at 8.30am and was in theatre for 4 hours.   

The hours following surgery were a bit of a blur and I slept for much of it, only waking sufficiently long enough to speak to Rob and Harvey when they arrived for visiting time, or to be sick from the drugs.  Unfortunately for Harvey, they coincided, and he witnessed me being sick.

It turns out that on the drive home, Harvey told his dad that seeing me sick had made him sad as it reminded him of the opening scene from Guardians of the Galaxy, where the young boys mum died. Harvey has been an absolute superstar throughout this journey and to see him sad at almost the last hurdle was heart breaking. Not only did lots of things change for Rob and I, it clearly affected Harvey too and there have been so many things we haven’t been able to do as a family.

I was surprised at the lack of pain I was in when I came around. Surgery was a week ago now and fortunately; this has pretty much remained the case but the bruising is now coming out which is causing some discomfort. I am hooked up to a drain and was hoping that it was going to be removed after a week but unfortunately that needs to remain in place for a further week. This is most definitely the downside of this surgery.

More surgery is planned for later in the year but for now, this chapter is done!

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