chapter 3

The third and final part of my treatment included 15 sessions of radiotherapy to my chest wall, and armpit. This began on 31st July, 2023.

The delivery of the radiotherapy is painless, so I wasn’t at all worried about preparing for this part of my treatment. However, little did I know what it did have in store for me.

After the accumulation of the first five days radiotherapy, I started to develop vertigo. Although at the time, I didn’t know what it was. It wasn’t the treatment itself doing it, it was the motion of the machinery around my head. By the end of week two it was even worse, and the vertigo could knock me off my feet for hours at a time.

Eventually, I was given tablets to overcome this, and they did help but it didn’t go away entirely and still suffer ‘moments’ of vertigo some seven weeks later.

Eventually, the effects of the radiotherapy started to show with redness and my skin began to peel.

Small price to pay though.

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