just when you thought it was safe…

11 weeks post-surgery and healing well, I somehow manage to get an infection at the mastectomy site.

I accepted an invitation to Royal Ascot, the first major event that I felt able to attend following my treatment and surgery, and my wound opens. I’m in London, in someone’s house that I’d never met, and I had a car picking me up in 30 minutes!! Our hosts were so kind and took me to their nearest walk-in centre to get checked out. I was cleaned up, surgically dressed, and out within an hour! Brilliant, now I can get on with my day… she says!

I’d left a message with the Breast Care Team, who I now have on speed-dial, letting them know what had happened. My surgeon, who was on annual leave, called me informing me that I should return from London the following day and report directly to the hospital. I remained there for the next three days following emergency surgery. The infection had opened my wound, exposing the implant.

It seems the infection was caught early but it has meant that the delay has had a knock-on effect with the rest of my treatment.

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